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Soarer Warning Messages
There's no way to describe the sinking feeling that you get when you hear the chiming sound complete with red flashing display that always looks like something expensive. Fortunately, because of the excellent Lexus engineering that has gone into the car of your dreams, the message usually means that you've tried to pull away with the handbrake on!

However there are 14 possible Japanese warning messages in all and they are displayed below. It's worth keeping the following list in your glove compartment so for a printable version of this page click here. Thanks to David Carter for the list.

Brake System

Brake Fluid Level

Oil Pressure

Battery Not Charging

Engine Overheating

Handbrake On

Engine Electrical System

Active Suspension

Air Suspension

Rear Light Failure

Engine Oil Level

Coolant Level

Air Suspension Off

Fuel Low

Chillout Radio