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Here follows a list of links that will be of interest to Soarer and Lexus Coupe owners:
  • AutoRevista Review of the USA Lexus SC400 in its final year of manufacture.
  • Autospeed Interesting article explaining the benefits of the Soarer.
  • Car Bibles Not specific to the Soarer, but a must read nonetheless.
  • Car Reviews of the Soarer written by people who have bought one.
  • Mark Levinson Lexus All of the latest Lexus fleet have Mark Levinson audio systems. Read all about them here.
  • Lexus Japan Now the luxury branding has hit home. The latest Lexus news can be found at Lexus Japan.
  • Lexus GB The official website of Lexus GB. Which now features a coupe, you'll be pleased to hear.
  • Lexus Pages This site features links to just about every possible Lexus source in the world.
  • Lexus USA The Lexus brand was originally intended with America in mind. Always worth a look around there.
  • Rate It A Site built on public opinion, on which the SC400 is now rated one of the top sports coupes in the world (we may have had more than a little to do with that).
  • Soarer Specs Engine specifications, dimensions, colours. All Toyota Soarer stats and specs for all models here
  • Speedtrap Bible Everything you need to know about speed cameras, and much more.

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