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RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'. RSS feeds are just a special kind of web page, designed to be read by computers rather than people. And they allow any changes or updates to specific websites to be displayed as a pop-up notification on your PC screen. So basically, rather than you having to visit the LSOC Forum, now you can have the forum visit you!

The LSOC RSS feed will notify you of the latest posts on the LSOC Forum. Then you just click on any that interest you and the details of that post (plus any images) will be displayed in a window on your RSS reader software, complete with a link to the post in question so you can visit the forum and reply if you want to.

In order to use the service, you will of course need an RSS reader. One that's easy to use and install is Sharpreader. It's also freeware. Once installed you could also subscribe to other RSS feeds, such as BBC or Sky News. Plus many other magazines and media sources have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to for latest updates. Just look for the logo on sites that you visit.

To use the LSOC Forum RSS feed with Sharpreader, just click on the logo. This will open the RSS page in another browser window. The contents of the page will be in HMTL (and probably look like gobbledygook to the uninitiated) but don't worry about this as you won't need to see the page ever again. Just copy the URL to your clipboard and then paste it into the address panel at the top of Sharpreader. Then press Enter. Voila, the latest contents from the LSOC Forum will then be displayed beneath rather like your email in Outlook. Next click on the "Subscribe" button on the Sharpreader toolbar and "The LSOC Forum" will appear in the left window under "Subscribed Feeds". That's it, you're done. Future forum posts will pop up on the bottom right of your PC window until you tell them to stop.

You may want to adjust the preferences in Sharpreader so that it checks for posts more often. The default is one hour but you can set it to as little as 15 minutes if you prefer. You can set this in the "Tools" menu under "Options> Feed Properties". You might also want to delete some or all of the feeds that come as standard with the software. To do this just click on the unwanted feed in the left hand window and press "Delete".

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