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Soarer Wheel Alignment Settings
Below you'll find the Toyota recommended settings for wheel alignment on all MkIII Soarers. Stick to the recommended settings for your particular model, regardless of the size of wheel you now have on the car.

Note that if your car is suffering from excessive tramlining, or you are finding it difficult to regain control after hitting a pothole or on uneven road surfaces, or you find that you are continually pulling to the left (or right, depending on the camber of the road) then it is more likely that your front lower control arms have worn bushes. It's worth having these items checked BEFORE attempting any wheel alignment, as the wheels will require re-alignment again if you have to replace the control arms.

In the event that your service centre diagnoses that your control arms are contributing to your problems, please remember that we always endeavour to try and offer the cheapest Soarer lower control arms in the UK here in our club shop.

Model 2.5GT 3.0GT 4.0GT 4.0GT 4.0GT
Chassis Code JZZ30 JZZ31 UZZ30 UZZ31 UZZ32
Front Toe In 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 0mm
Camber 0° 00min 0° 00min 0° 00min 0° 00min 0° 05min
Caster 2° 55min 2° 55min 2° 55min 3° 00min 3° 05min
King Pin (SAI) 9° 00min 9° 00min 9° 00min 9° 00min 9° 05min
Rear Toe In 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 1mm
Camber -0° 50min -0° 50min -0° 50min -1° 10min -1° 20min

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